Crepe Recipe!

This recipe is one of my favorites! I watched/helped my mom make crepes for as long as I can remember. They are so easy so its a great one to have kids help with! Growing up I learned that my mom’s family, being Italian, ate crepes for breakfast with butter and sugar or syrup like pancakes. My dad’s family is part Croatian and his grandma always made them for dessert with fruit.  My mom’s family was from Northern Italy and Croatia was not to far from there so I guess some recipes went back and forth with small tweaks here and there!

Here’s how to make them for yourself!

Dolly Letter

One year ago, I was contacted by a woman in Tennessee who left me a voicemail. She said DOLLY PARTON received a picture I drew of her and she would like to respond by sending me something in the mail. I couldn’t believe the drawing had actually reached her and not only that, she wanted to respond! I think I listened to the voicemail 5 times just to make sure I heard correctly. Everyday for the next week, I checked the mailbox until finally there it was! The letter was written with the kindest words and was signed by the queen of country herself! Whenever I look at it  I am reminded of just how much art can impact people, even the ones you think will never see it!

Fall Adventures

      So to start off the fall season, last weekend Brandon and I went apple picking with his sister and fiance! We went to Peck and Bushel Organic Fruit Co. in Colgate Wisconsin. The cutest little place! I have not been apple picking since I was a kid so it was nice to revisit the experience as an adult with great people!

With the apples, I made some super easy apple muffins! Check out the recipe here!

This weekend Brandon and I went to Swan’s Pumpkin Farm in Franksville Wisconsin with my family. We had a really great time (even though it rained)! We picked out pumpkins, fed the goats and had apple cider donuts! YUM!


I used Sharpie to write on my pumpkins for the front porch! Super quick, easy and cute! I used to pick a font to use!

Summer Reflection

My first blog post. My summer reflection. Summer. Warm lake days. Family cookouts. Weddings. Festivals and fairs. All these experiences have come and gone as quickly as I typed them. Each one creating a memory that will last a lifetime. So as I leave summer, wiser and luckier, with memories and new friends, I feel excited. For the upcoming fall and holiday seasons! Welcome fall in all your wind and gold!   ( First 2 photos were taken by the amazing  Natalie Rose Photography!)